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We are a canine hydrotherapy facility in the Surrey Hills offering a purpose built hydrotherapy pool and underwater treadmill.  All of the treatment at Aqua Paws is carried out by a registered canine hydrotherapist and in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Kat and Megan have really helped my sprocker Toffee after her TPLO operation. I am sure that her speedy recovery has been entirely down to them and we continue to go every month now as it is nice to be reassured that all continues to go well. Very competitive price too. Highly recommend!

Janie Bennett and Toffee

Top Priority

Your pet’s health is our top priority.

The treatment carried out at Aqua Paws will be tailored to each patients needs.  Using the hydrotherapy pool or under water treadmill, or a combination of both, the treatment will be adjusted where necessary to ensure your pet receives the best possible treatment and achieves the most successful result possible.


Why Hydrotherapy?

What results can or might your pet get

Why Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can range from simply floating in the water or a gentle swim to relieve inflammation and pain or more vigorous exercise to increase use of limbs, muscle tone and bulk or to strengthen the support for joints.

If your dog has suffered an injury, has an orthopedic condition or is recovering from surgery, treatment in this non weight bearing or partially weight bearing environment, can assist recovery. Treatment can be less painful in water and improves range of movement, which can be difficult on land.

Hydrotherapy promotes physical well-being and can benefit dogs with numerous conditions. It can also be used for improving or maintaining fitness, weight loss or simply just for fun in a safe environment.


What is Hydrotherapy used for?

Hydrotherapy can be used to:

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Decrease pain

Relax muscle tension

Increase joint range of movement

Increase strength, tone and muscle bulk

Help with returning to normal life or work

Slowing of progression of some symptoms of degenerative diseases

Improve quality of life

Pre or Post operative conditioning

Aid recovery

 Increase fitness

 Weight loss

 Improve confidence in the water

My 11 year old dog got a bad back and that’s when Aqua Paws was recommended to me by a friend. Bailey was very uncomfortable with two narrowed discs in his spine, he’d been limited to lead walks for months and was on metacam and gabapentin, these still didn’t make him fully comfortable.

He’s a very sensitive, shy little dog but Kat instantly made him feel safe and confident there and with her knowledge and know how she made him become stronger in his back and able to come off ALL his drugs! He’s now a very happy little chappy, back to charging around on walks, back to how he used to be!

I’m so very grateful to Kat and Ellie for how they’ve helped Bailey.

Baileys review…

Love Kat, love ham, love Ellie, love ham, swim ham, cuddle ham, swim ham, HAM!

Liz Turner and Bailey


What conditions are treatable?

Conditions may include:

 Post operative rehabilitation


 Elbow dysplasia

 Patella luxation

 Cruciate ligament rupture

 Degenerative myelopathy

 Hip dysplasia


 Spinal injuries

 Spondylosis – spinal arthritis

 Muscle atrophy


 Mobility problems

 Weight control

What can l say about Aqua Paws. At Aqua Paws depending on your dog’s needs there is both a Water treadmill and a Hydrotherapy pool, both of which are heated, and spotlessly clean. From my first contact to present day has always been professional, friendly, and welcoming. I take my dog for fitness work particularly in the autumn and winter months due to personal health issues. Both Kat and Ellie are lovely people, their love of dogs is very evident, every dog is an individual and are treated as such . My priorities when l was looking for somewhere to take my boy Gus was that the people running this service are qualified, professional, friendly, and loved dogs, this is very evident at Aqua Paws. Could not recommend them highly enough.

Caroline Nicholson and Gus

The Pool, Treadmill & Laser Therapy

Tried & tested treatments & exercises for your pet.

Both the pool and treadmill are heated between 29-31 degree c and is tested throughout the day to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Each session will include:

 A health check prior to treatment

 A tailored treatment programme

 One to one hydrotherapy session

 Use of the pool or treadmill or a combination of both

Use of the pool, treadmill or laser, or a combo of both hydro & laser

 Post treatment shower

 Access to drying facilities

 Progress reports for you and your vet

By choosing to use a Registered Canine Hydrotherapist (RCH) you can be assured that the hydrotherapist looking after your dog is trained in hydrotherapy and is required to abide by a code of practice and ethics by their professional association.

I was recommended to Aqua Paws by a friend as my Greek rescue Millie needed a hip replacement. Millie is quite nervous and I was worried she wouldn’t cope without me being in the pool with her.

I spoke to Kat and she said there’s no problem, the pool is small enough that she will feel in contact with you.

And that’s exactly what happened. I really enjoy the weekly visits watching Millie get stronger! Over the months we’ve been going, Millie has gained confidence, worked out where to get her roast pork treats from, and has built up muscle on her legs enough that I could delay her operation.

Everyone at Aqua Paws is so kind and diligent, and in the winter it’s the warmest place to be!

Emma Deighan and Millie

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