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Aqua Paws

Petworth Road
Surrey GU8 5TR

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    Smudge, our 8 year old Hungarian Vizsla underwent a TPLO on his hind leg last May. He recovered well from the surgery and the specialists recommended he undergo aqua therapy to build up muscle but also to ensure even use of all four legs!

    As soon as we arrived at Aquapaws, Kat and Ellie made us feel so welcome. Smudge was initially a little wary of what was going on as the water started to rise up in the treadmill chamber! But with Kat and Ellie there to give him reassurance and with the odd treat encouraging him to walk on the moving treadmill, he soon felt at ease and got the hang of it. He now LOVES his sessions at Aquapaws. Ellie has become his favourite lap to sit on in between reps.

    We started with 10 weekly sessions which soon saw a continuous improvement and a definite increase in the balance of using both back legs equally. He also gained strength, tone and muscle bulk back in that leg. We now visit Aquapaws once a month, just to keep things in check. As soon as we’re out of the car, he’s off with his tail wagging! We couldn’t recommend them more!

    Jo Hogbin and Smudge

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