Terms & Conditions

The necessary small print

Aqua Paws Terms & Conditions

  • Whilst every care is taken to ensure the safety of dogs undergoing treatment, all dogs are still the
    responsibility of the owner.
  • Aqua Paws reserves the right to use photos and video footage taken during sessions or on the
  • All treatment courses, including those to be part of an insurance claim, must be paid for in full
    prior to or on the day of treatment.
  • Please ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and bring their records if requested.
  • Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to the hydrotherapy session and ensure they have been to the toilet before arrival.
  • Veterinary authorisation must be obtained prior to your hydrotherapy session.
  • Dogs must be relatively clean when brought in for treatment.
  • Any fouling on site must be cleaned up by the owner (please ask if you need a bag).
  • Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions such as eye, ear or skin infections will not be treated. Please contact Aqua Paws at the earliest opportunity to cancel your appointment.
  • Aqua Paws Canine Hydrotherapy reserves the right to refuse treatment to any dog.
  • Owners must notify Aqua Paws if, during a course of treatment, a dog’s condition worsens, or if a veterinary surgeon advises that the treatment is stopped or suspended.
  • When visiting, all persons are to be aware that there are some uneven surfaces and are strongly advised to wear sensible shoes with non-slip soles if possible as the floor in the pool room can become very wet during swimming sessions.
  • Aqua Paws Canine Hydrotherapy cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person or personal property whilst on the premises.
  • When not undergoing treatment dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Vehicles and contents are parked at owner’s own risk.

Aqua Paws Referral Form

Below is a downloadable PDF document, of our Veterinary Consent Referral Form. It can be printed, filled out and presented to us upon your visit.

Download Aqua Paws Referral Form