A few Testimonials from our customers.

Kat and Megan have really helped my sprocker Toffee after her TPLO operation. I am sure that her speedy recovery has been entirely down to them and we continue to go every month now as it is nice to be reassured that all continues to go well. Very competitive price too. Highly recommend!

Janie Bennett and Toffee

I have been using the services at Aquapaws for around 18 months now. My young dog, Pia was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas and I was trying to find an alternative to operations for this condition. I researched hydrotherapy and found Kat at Aquapaws and what a fantastic find that was.

Pia and myself have always been welcomed. I have been encouraged from day one to be involved with Pia’s recovery and the process of her hydrotherapy treatment, within the water treadmill.

Not only are Kat and Ellie professional and calm, they obviously enjoy their job and love the dogs they treat. I find their flexible and personal approach very helpful.

The treatment speaks for itself that Pia’s knees rarely slip now and she needs hydrotherapy less and less.

I can also vouch for the laser therapy service that Aquapaws offer. This was used just this week on an open wound Pia has and the vet could not stitch. Within 24 hours of the 8 minute treatment the wound has reduced significantly. It is due to Kat’s professionalism in offering the laser treatment that Pia will be back in the treadmill much quicker than the vet expected.

I can not recommend Aquapaws, Kat and Ellie highly enough to anyone looking for hydrotherapy or laser treatment for their fur babies.

Evelyn Gaunt and Pia

My Labrador Savannah who is now 12 years old has had hip dysplasia since she was born, over the years it has progressively got worse, in addition she has developed arthritis in some of her limbs. My vet therefore recommended that she have some hydrotherapy treatment to help her with the chronic condition, this is when they recommended Aqua Paws, a local friendly practice.

Savannah has now been having a session every couple of weeks for the past two years, the difference this has made to her quality of life is remarkable! Savannah is now able to join in the fun and walks with our other Labrador Buddy.

Savannah loves getting into the heated pool and doing her exercises especially as there is a treat at the end of each circuit. She has been known to try and get into the pool whilst no one is looking!!!

Aqua Paws is owned and managed by the very experienced and professional Kat who is assisted by her friendly team.

The practice is located at the rear of Kat’s garden which gives a friendly, homely impression as soon as you arrive. All the equipment is state of the art and appointments are made to suit your convenience.

In addition, there is excellent communication between the vet and Aqua Paws so if Savannah’s condition changes it can be acted upon immediately.

Nigel Bottel and Savannah

On 30th June Orla my miniature poodle underwent surgery to stabilise a ventral luxation of her left Coxofemoral joint. This was major and complex surgery for her taking nearly 5 hours. The aftercare was essential to her recovery. The vet advised Hydrotherapy with the use of an underwater treadmill and physiotherapy jointly.

After much local research into hydrotherapy, I could not find one locally in Sussex that I was happy with. I searched further afield and found Aquapaws. I am so happy that I spent time researching and finding this wonderful Surrey based service.

I was very anxious taking my very spoilt poodle with a fear of water to hydrotherapy as it was. The minute we walked into their clinically clean therapy room I was able to relax. Kat and Elle immediately put my mind at rest, I was allowed to stay with my dog which was key to both her and I. Their expertise, knowledge of the canine body is second to none. On top of that they love the dogs they come into contact with and my poodle became so excited to see them each week that she would squeal with delight as we turned into the driveway.

Orla’s recovery from hardly being able to walk using that leg at the start of her treatment to 10 weeks later is remarkable. This is thanks to Aquapaws and I cannot recommend them highly enough. My mini poodle and I will miss our weekly contact with these wonderful ladies, if she ever needs similar treatment again, the 1hr 30 minute drive will be worth it!.

Thank you to the Aqua Paws team.

Tracy Keane and Orla

My 11 year old dog got a bad back and that’s when Aqua Paws was recommended to me by a friend. Bailey was very uncomfortable with two narrowed discs in his spine, he’d been limited to lead walks for months and was on metacam and gabapentin, these still didn’t make him fully comfortable.

He’s a very sensitive, shy little dog but Kat instantly made him feel safe and confident there and with her knowledge and know how she made him become stronger in his back and able to come off ALL his drugs! He’s now a very happy little chappy, back to charging around on walks, back to how he used to be!

I’m so very grateful to Kat and Ellie for how they’ve helped Bailey.

Baileys review…

Love Kat, love ham, love Ellie, love ham, swim ham, cuddle ham, swim ham, HAM!

Liz Turner and Bailey

I was recommended to Aqua Paws by a friend as my Greek rescue Millie needed a hip replacement. Millie is quite nervous and I was worried she wouldn’t cope without me being in the pool with her.

I spoke to Kat and she said there’s no problem, the pool is small enough that she will feel in contact with you.

And that’s exactly what happened. I really enjoy the weekly visits watching Millie get stronger! Over the months we’ve been going, Millie has gained confidence, worked out where to get her roast pork treats from, and has built up muscle on her legs enough that I could delay her operation.

Everyone at Aqua Paws is so kind and diligent, and in the winter it’s the warmest place to be!

Emma Deighan and Millie

What can l say about Aqua Paws. At Aqua Paws depending on your dog’s needs there is both a Water treadmill and a Hydrotherapy pool, both of which are heated, and spotlessly clean. From my first contact to present day has always been professional, friendly, and welcoming. I take my dog for fitness work particularly in the autumn and winter months due to personal health issues. Both Kat and Ellie are lovely people, their love of dogs is very evident, every dog is an individual and are treated as such . My priorities when l was looking for somewhere to take my boy Gus was that the people running this service are qualified, professional, friendly, and loved dogs, this is very evident at Aqua Paws. Could not recommend them highly enough.

Caroline Nicholson and Gus

Smudge, our 8 year old Hungarian Vizsla underwent a TPLO on his hind leg last May. He recovered well from the surgery and the specialists recommended he undergo aqua therapy to build up muscle but also to ensure even use of all four legs!

As soon as we arrived at Aquapaws, Kat and Ellie made us feel so welcome. Smudge was initially a little wary of what was going on as the water started to rise up in the treadmill chamber! But with Kat and Ellie there to give him reassurance and with the odd treat encouraging him to walk on the moving treadmill, he soon felt at ease and got the hang of it. He now LOVES his sessions at Aquapaws. Ellie has become his favourite lap to sit on in between reps.

We started with 10 weekly sessions which soon saw a continuous improvement and a definite increase in the balance of using both back legs equally. He also gained strength, tone and muscle bulk back in that leg. We now visit Aquapaws once a month, just to keep things in check. As soon as we’re out of the car, he’s off with his tail wagging! We couldn’t recommend them more!

Jo Hogbin and Smudge