I have been using the services at Aquapaws for around 18 months now. My young dog, Pia was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas and I was trying to find an alternative to operations for this condition. I researched hydrotherapy and found Kat at Aquapaws and what a fantastic find that was.

Pia and myself have always been welcomed. I have been encouraged from day one to be involved with Pia’s recovery and the process of her hydrotherapy treatment, within the water treadmill.

Not only are Kat and Ellie professional and calm, they obviously enjoy their job and love the dogs they treat. I find their flexible and personal approach very helpful.

The treatment speaks for itself that Pia’s knees rarely slip now and she needs hydrotherapy less and less.

I can also vouch for the laser therapy service that Aquapaws offer. This was used just this week on an open wound Pia has and the vet could not stitch. Within 24 hours of the 8 minute treatment the wound has reduced significantly. It is due to Kat’s professionalism in offering the laser treatment that Pia will be back in the treadmill much quicker than the vet expected.

I can not recommend Aquapaws, Kat and Ellie highly enough to anyone looking for hydrotherapy or laser treatment for their fur babies.

Evelyn Gaunt and Pia

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